Specialty SCUBA Certifications • Panama City Diving
Specialty SCUBA Certifications • Panama City Diving
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Specialty SCUBA Certifications

In addition to the core progression from Openwater, Advanced-Adventure, and Rescue certifications divers can focus on specific skills or “specialties.” We offer a number of these specialties for divers looking to develop a stronger skill set. Different agencies recognize divers who achieve certain levels of training  with differing titles. SDI calls a diver with the intermediate core certification (advanced adventure) that has earned 4 complete specialties and Advanced Diver. PADI by comparison refers to its intermediate level of certification as “Advanced” and recognizes a rescue diver with 5 specialty certifications as a Master Scuba Diver…. which is not the same thing as a Divemaster! Confused yet? The flow chart below helps to visualize the process. Being on the coast in Florida we specialize in training for this area.


Our instructors work from the SDI/TDI curriculum by default, as we have come to believe they offer a better program. However we can certify you from either SDI or PADI if you have a preference in whose initials are on your card. Both are equally recognized around the world.