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If you have ever been snorkeling and want to take it to the next level, our scuba diving or Freediving classes are for you. Our discover Scuba class is perfect for the first timer down on vacation with only so much time to squeeze in everything they want to do.  The next levels of Scuba Certification classes earn you a card that is recognized in dive shops the world over. These dive classes take several days to complete though. If you want to ditch all the heavy and expensive gear that goes with scuba and learn to unlock the hidden potential we all posses, then Freediving may be exactly what you are looking for. All of our classes are arranged via reservations and can fill up due to limited space and required teacher to student ratios. Call us today to begin your adventure!

Open Water Diver $495

Open water is the basic scuba certification for divers. The dive certification is for up to 60′ at this level. Open Water class takes about 30-40 hours to complete. First there are the academics, which completed online at your own pace, that teach the science behind diving as well as provide a basic understanding of the scuba gear itself. Once the academics have been completed, student divers will spend a day learning the basics in a pool (confined water) and then 2 days of open water diving. Students need to have their own mask, snorkel and fins before pool work begins. The academics can be done online, at your leisure, click here to begin the PADI eLearning. There is no fee for use of our rental gear for our OW students, all entrance fees, and boat fees are covered by us. Our classes Go to the pool on Fridays, the State Park on Saturdays and dive off the boat on Sundays. Classes are limited to the first 8 students to reserve spots. Ages 12 and up only due to the size of the dive gear. Private Openwater classes with a custom schedule are available for $650 per student. Children under 15 will only be enrolled in Private classes due to the increased supervision required.

Openwater class before a training dive.

We offer the academics of our diving classes online. This means you complete all of the academic portion, including the exam, on your PC at your own pace and then schedule your in-water training with us when you are done. This eliminates days of lecture; keeping costs lower  and putting less of a demand on your precious time. We deduct the amount you pay to PADI for access to the E-learning program from your course cost as long as you affiliate with us once you sign up. You can register for eLearning by clicking here. The link automatically affiliates you with our shop. So you work at home but we are still available to you at the shop if you have any questions. Our staff is more than happy to share their knowledge of scuba diving with you should you have any questions about anything diving related between now and your class start date, so feel free to call to email and ask away.

Download the PADI medical Form to make sure you are healthy enough for scuba diving. This is a mandatory form for enrollment in any dive class. If you answer “yes” to any of the conditions, your physician will need to review and approve your form.

Openwater Referral Class $250

Already started you class and only need to finish up your Openwater or “Checkout” dive training? That is a referral class. Typically you will just need to come down and join our OW classes for their Sat and Sun portions. We will need your “referral paperwork” from the instructor that began your training. We can accept students who began with any agency and finish you with a referral in either PADI or SDI as is your preference.

Advanced Open Water Diver $400

Advanced Open Water is the next serious step in dive training. Most charter operators require this level of certification to do wrecks or reef dives beyond 60′. In Panama City we have some great dives in the range of basic openwater divers but we have many more in Federal offshore waters that are beyond that shallower limit. The advanced scuba certification requires additional eLearning and 5 specific training dives. These dives prove introduction to 5 different specialties (deep and navigation dives are required as two of the five with the other 3 up to the instructor). Advanced scuba Certification is for dives up to 100′. This course usually requires a trip into the deeper waters offshore for the deep training component so reserving your class in advance is required to get a seat on the boat. This class pairs very well with a nitrox class to help divers get the most out of their bottom time.

Students will need their own;

Mask, Fins, Wetsuit (seasonally), Regulators, BCD, Computer and SMB. *rental gear is available

Tanks, Weights, Liftbags ,compasses and other class specific gear is provided free of charge.

Rescue Diver w/ CPR $350

Rescue divers are trained in various lifesaving scenarios that they may be encountered by divers and offered introduction into how to best provide assistance to injured, panicked and unconscious scuba divers. At this level students are required to own their own a complete set of gear before class. A minimum of 20 logged dives is required before enrollment of this class. Students will instructed in the safest ways to respond to a variety of emergency in-water and out of water situations. Current CPR and 1st Aid training is required to earn this certification and is usually taught in conjunction with it. This is a very long 2 day class of physical hands on training.

Master Scuba Diver*

Master scuba diver is the highest recognition of RECREATIONAL training PADI offers. Master scuba divers have completed both Rescue class and 5 or more different specialties. This is the pinnacle of learning for the diver who wants a wide body of knowledge and training but knows they do not want to end up working in the Dive Industry.

Divemaster $650

Divemasters are rescue divers who have decided to “Go Pro” into the world of diving. Divemasters must demonstrate mastery of dive theory and all core dive skills as well as complete an internship under an active scuba instructor. Divemaster candidates will sit in on charters and classes to pickup and fine tune their skills needed to accept leadership roles in the dive community as part of their internship. Divemasters must have 60 logged dives by the completion of their internship, at a bare minimum. Since they are responsible for leading groups of certified divers and assisting instructors with uncertified divers, they are required to carry liability insurance.

* Training can take up to as long as several weeks to complete depending on the rate at which students master the skill sets and cooperative weather and water conditions.

EANx (nitrox) Diver $125


Learn to extend bottom times by safely adding oxygen to your breathing mix. This diving class gives you the most bang for your buck and time. Duration 3 hours

Deep Diver $445

Learn to safely dive to a max of 130′ over this duration of this 2 day class. Somewhat Subject to the availability of the dive boats due to the deeper dive sites required for training.

We also offer; Night Diver, Boat Diver, Wreck Diver, Fish ID, Drift Diver, Search and Recovery Diver, Peak and Performance Buoyancy classes.

$375 for Specialty Class requiring 4 dives (2 days of training)
$175 for 2 dive specialties (a single day of in-water training)

Our “Choose us” sales-pitch;

Learning to dive with a knowledgeable instructor is a blast. With us the classroom, pool, and openwater training sessions are peppered with humor and laughter (above water anyway) as the basic skills are learned and practiced.

Our dive instructors are consistently the highest reviewed by actual customers (compare us to all the other shops…. please!) because they offer individual attention in a pressure free learning environment making our students happier, more relaxed and consequently better trained. Our scuba certification classes consistently produce capable confident divers that stay active in the sport.

We include the cost of admissions, rental gear, AND include a free trip on our charter boat (as weather allows) to do the last two openwater training dives for the price you see upfront.
Our prices are $495 for a scheduled 3 day class (Fri-Sun or Mon-Wed) with open enrollment or $700 per person for a private class with a custom schedule.

Philosophically we operate on a customer service centered long term profit business model instead of a volume based short term profit model. This is illustrated perfectly by our boat operation. Our “Big” boat (a custom 36′ Newton) can legally run with 20 divers but we limit it to 14 since this is the actual number of divers that can comfortably go on it and about the right number of divers to drop on most of the wrecks offshore. Too many divers can overcrowd a shipwreck, but not on our trips.

All of our classes and charters are therefore offered via reservations to better assure our goal of the best possible experience in the water for you and your friends and family.

We have regular scheduled classes and can schedule other classes with about a weeks notice, sometimes much less. We try to maintain the highest degree of customer service by planning the logistics of classes and charters with a finite number of Instructors, Captains and sets of dive gear around the Florida weather. This is why we ask for a reservation as far in advance as possible, to better serve our customers!