Dive Charters to local Shipwrecks and Artificial Reefs
Dive Charters to local Shipwrecks and Artificial Reefs
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Newly Certified Divers with their Scuba instructor

Dive Charters

Diving Reservations

We offer Several different types of charters to local shipwrecks. To check availability or make a reservation just click the “book now” button by the type of trip you are interested in. We will run a charter if 4 spots are paid for.

Standard “Inshore” – 2 tank trips (4 Hours)

Diving Reservations

Inshore Wrecks– Are our shallower shipwrecks with profiles in depths 45-75′ and out about 7 miles. This is our most common charter. Certified Openwater divers (and above) only. Wrecks include the Black Bart, USS Strength and the Red Sea as well as the Hathaway Bridge Spans 1, 2, 12, and 14. The use of Nitrox is encouraged.

Dive On!



OffShore Wrecks (5 Hours)
Diving Reservations

– Deeper wrecks with profiles from 70-110′ about 12-14 miles out.  Advanced Certification is required due to the depths on these wrecks. Wrecks include the El Dorado, Chippewa, Accokeek, Twin Tugs, BJ Putnam, Commander, and Stage 1 as well as the DuPont Bridge Spans and the remaining Hathaway Spans. Nitrox is strongly encouraged. (If you would like to get your nitrox cert we offer that for $125 and it only takes a few hours)



Night DivesDiving Reservations

At night you see the same inshore wrecks with many more colors. Night dives can be spooky but you also get a chance to see octopus and turtles and other nocturnal critters more often.

Night Divers

All Day Charters- 3 or more tanks

Diving Reservations

3 Tank Offshore Wrecks- These all day charters are the best way for experienced divers to see the bigger deeper and more remote wrecks like the Gray Ghost. 3 dives too 100′ is no joke so Advanced divers and up only and nitrox is a must if you want to have the bottom time to enjoy these wrecks. Due to the extra number of tanks the boat takes less people on these trips as well so space is limited when available.


Empire Mica Charters–  The 436′ Empire Mica is the largest war wreck in the Gulf. The British freighter was taken down by a German U-boat in WWII.  These 3 tank trips are special events usually planned well in advance and are not offered often. If you have a small group of divers and want to start planning one of these trips we’d be happy to set that up but do not commonly have them open for reservations through out the year. To inquire about organizing a trip like that email us and we’ll get started trying to put it together with you. Pat@panamacitydiving.com


Liveboat Lionfish/Spearfishing– These are natural limestone reefs and small artificial reefs in 90-120′ excellent for lionfish hunting, spearfishing and lobstering or seeing what the natural reef habitat looks like. Only the most competent divers should sign up for this charter, inquisitive sharks are common, negative entry and rapid descents are normal as are free ascents. Nitrox is unequivocally required. Excellent fish ID skills and knowledge of current regulations is also required. Spearfishing is the awesome but we do it ethically and sustainably.


Advanced Certification is required for Offshore and Lionfish trips due to the depths and nature of the dives. All trips are open to the public and subject to a minimum number of divers signed up to run. Please self evaluate your skill set before signing up for a boat trip, if its been awhile we recommend doing a shore dive at the state park  first so you will get the most of your time (and money) when you go on the boat.


Prices are listed for the boat trip only without rental as many of our customers have their own gear. There is no charge for the use of our lead weights which we have plenty of on the boat.

Reservations for private and custom charters are also possible by calling the shop .

The google calendar only shows reservations that have been made. Our availability for a charter can be viewed by clicking on the Reservations button for all standard charters.


Our Dive Charter the Steel Slinger


We have several types of dive charters available ranging in depth from 45′-110′.  Most of our site are shipwrecks  and bridge spans (the large metal superstructure of our old bridges across the Bay). We seldom have any current in Panama City and visibility is generally 30′ or better. We’d like to know about your diving experience and certification levels to help get you on the perfect dive charter for you. When you click the book now now button we will take a 20% deposit per person per day to hold your spot on the dive charter.  The balance of the cost will be due 3 days before the dive trip. In order to make sure we can reach you if there is a change of plans due to weather or other circumstances beyond our control we also require your cell phone number to keep in touch.  To keep things running smoothly we would also like to know what (if any) rental gear (tanks, weights, scuba gear, wetsuits, or masks snorkel and fin sets)  you might require so that we can set it aside and have enough for all our classes, students, and other charter customers. We will fit you and issue rental gear at the dive shop. The shop and boat are only 3.1 miles apart on the same street, but we do not have a shuttle between the two locations. We ask all charter customers to arrive promptly at the dock 30 minutes prior to departure. We keep our dive boat in the Treasure Island Marina, in the middle of the charter boat row.

Rental Gear

If you need rental tanks for one of our charters please let us know by adding it to your reservation so we can  have it delivered to the boat for you. We can also have BCDs and Regulators delivered to the boat but we do ask that divers desiring to rent wetsuits try them on at the shop so to ensure they are the correct size and provide a good fit. (The Dive Boat and Shop are about 4 miles apart)

Tanks are $8 for air and Nitrox is $11 for Aluminum 80s or $15 for Steel

All other gear is available at our Dive Shop.

Our full rental package is $45 – $60 depending on what gear and breathing gas you need for a boat trip.

Required Dive Equipment

  • Dive Computers and a surface marker buoy are required on our charters. We include the with our rental gear.
  • Dive lights are required on night dives. (Two would be ideal)
  • Dive gloves, and the use of nitrox are strongly advised. Nitrox class is only 3 hours long if you want to upgrade your training and extend your bottom time.

We encourage all divers to get dive insurance, the cost is minimal for the maximum coverage ($100) and the benefits and peace of mind are legendary, ask Capt Pat how it saved him $28,000!



We monitor the weather like our lives (and yours, we’re literally in the same boat) and livelihoods rely on it. We cancel charters if we don’t feel confident safe conditions will exist for the charter to run. This can be due to a variety of conditions beyond our control including but not limited to currents, visibility, lightening, winds, waves, rabid dolphins, horny sea turtles, megalodon sharks, Godzilla wearing the Infinity Gauntlet….. and our customers’ ability to handle the above conditions. From a life long spent on the ocean we consider our Captains to be the highest authority on what the weather is doing or likely to do and our customers to be the highest authority on their ability to handle themselves.


All of Florida during the Summer months will likely have a cloud with a lightening bolt coming out of it on any weather app you use, and they aren’t wrong somewhere in the large forecast area there will be a thunderstorm.  That does not mean where the boat is going there will be lightning. Additionally there are sea state forecasting sources that many people use that describe a large area of water or areas far from where we conduct our dives and are therefore not accurate (or less accurate) for where we will be diving….. If you are interested in the suite of services we use here are a few; NWS Marine Point forecast and the NEXRAD. We also have satellite weather and radar on the boat so we are always up to date even offshore beyond cell range. In short, please let us do the worrying about the weather, our safety and livelihood and reputation are based on being safely interpreting the data and we do it everyday.

Captain Style