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4 days

This course is for the certified Advanced Nitrox and Decompression Procedures diver looking to: Extend their depth range, Reduce narcosis for all deep dives, and Advance their technical diving education. What you can expect to learn: Advanced decompression dive planning including: Gas planning based on equivalent narcotic depths, nitrogen and helium absorption and elimination, CNS and OUT limits, Isobaric Counter diffusion, volume requirements, etc. Decompression gas choices Tables vs. personal dive computers Emergency and contingency planning (equipment failure, omitted decompression, Decompression diving procedures Equipment selection Pre-dive checks and drills Stress analysis and mitigation Following a decompression schedule Gas switching Team awareness and communication SMB/lift bag deployment Proper trim, buoyancy and finning techniques Management of multiple decompression/stage cylinders Emergency procedures (equipment failures, catastrophic gas loss, omitted decompression, navigational errors, injured/unconscious diver, etc) Equipment considerations, cylinder labeling, analyzing trimix nitrox and mixes, and gas blending procedures

Other considerations

Course prerequisites: Minimum age 18 Minimum certification of TDI Advanced Nitrox AND Decompression Procedures Diver, or equivalent Proof of 100 logged dives