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Offshore Wrecks 75-110' El Dorado, Accokeek, Chippewa ect..

Sun., Mon., Tue., Wed., Thu., Fri., Sat.
4.5 hours

Offshore charters run to the deeper shipwrecks about 12-15 miles out into the Gulf. These sites include our newest shipwreck, the El Dorado and are typically 75' to the top and as deep as 110' at the sand. Due to the depth we require our customers to be advanced certified to make these dives. It is about an hour run out to these sites.

What's included ?

  • Lead
  • Gatorade and Water
  • Crackers, Snicker and Fruit

Other considerations

Federal Law now requires all passengers and crew to wear face masks covering he mouth and nose while onboard all maritime vessels. This means us too on dive boats. PDF attached from the USCG explains in more detail. Due to CoViD-19 we are requiring all of our EMPLOYEES and CUSTOMERS wear facemasks that cover their nose and mouth while INSIDE our store. Check in paperwork is done at the dive shop in person prior to the trip. Please have a digital or hard copy of your cert card handy. If you are renting gear it will be issued to you at the shop, our DMs transport the tanks. Most people come by the afternoon before the charter if they are on a morning trip or an hour before the charter if they are on a PM trip. * If this is your first saltwater dive and you are unsure if you get seasick you may wish to ere on the side of caution.