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Guided Shore Dive

2 hours

For certified Divers, the jetties at St Andrews State Park offer an amazing amount of wildlife encounter possibilities. The are is home to a wide variety of of groupers, snappers, redfish, eagle and cow nose and sting rays, and occasionally dolphins and manatees grace us with their presence as well. Conditions vary with the tide though so all trips are planned around the incoming tides for optimal conditions. Noon is selected by default but as tides change slightly each day the actual time of he dive may be quite different. We always touch base the week of the dives and hammer out the details. All dives are lead by a certified Divemaster (or higher).

What's included ?

  • weight

What to bring ?

  • bathing suits and towels
  • any persona scuba gear

Other considerations

Due to CoViD-19 we are requiring all of our EMPLOYEES and CUSTOMERS wear facemasks that cover their nose and mouth while INSIDE our store. ******Certified Divers Only******* Divers will have to walk from the parking lot to the water with their gear on. Please self evaluate your fitness and health status to make sure this is a good idea for your knees, back, heart... ect. By default the meeting time is set to Noon however each day has an optimal time for best conditions and it is that time that we will be diving. Please email or call us to help determine which day works with your availability and the tides. We will reach out and check in the week of the dives to confirm the schedule.