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Empire Mica Charter (Experienced and Advanced divers only)

10 hours

The Empire Mica is the largest natural wreck in the panhandle. She is 465' long and lies at 110' in the sand. She was taken down by a U-Boat in WWII. This charter is to a remote wreck 60 miles from Panama City. It is a long day on the boat. Its worth it but be prepared for a full day with your shipmates. We'll do two dives there and a 3rd TBD. This rarely offered trip is for special occasions only due to the extreme distance from port and the deeper nature of the dives.

What's included ?

  • fishing license
  • lead
  • food and drink

What to bring ?

  • sunscreen
  • towel
  • sense of adventure

Other considerations

If you don't know if you get seasick, please assume you do and take medicine the night before the trip and the morning of so it is fully in your system before embarking.