Captain's Blog • Panama City Diving

3 Tank Offshore (Advanced Divers)

5.9833333333333 hours

See the Offshore Wrecks of Panama City. Advanced divers will love seeing the clear water and abundant fish on the deeper wrecks alittle further off the beaten path. 3 Tank trips last 6 hours.

What's included ?

  • Lead
  • Water and Gatorade
  • Fruits, Crackers and snickers

What to bring ?

  • Towel
  • Sunscreen

Other considerations

Federal Law now requires all passengers and crew to wear face masks covering he mouth and nose while onboard all maritime vessels. This means us too on dive boats. PDF attached from the USCG explains in more detail. Due to CoViD-19 we are requiring all of our EMPLOYEES and CUSTOMERS wear facemasks that cover their nose and mouth while INSIDE our store. If you are unsure of how prone you are to seasickness please plan for the worst and take medication the night before as well as the morning of your trip.